Altrusa International Colors GBBF Happy with Crayola Markers Donation

Altrusa International Inc. invited the Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation (GBBF) to be a part of their Centennial Convention, held in Nashville, TN in July 2017, to celebrate their 100th anniversary as a civic organization. As part of their celebration, Altrusa asked all convention attendees to donate a box of Crayola markers to GBBF.

GBBF President Theresa Carl (and Dolly!) had a great time at the convention luncheon, receiving this gift and meeting with the wonderful Altrusans. This gift will pair perfectly with GBBF’s coloring book, filled with activities related to Imagination Library books, to help GBBF further promote adult-child engagement with reading. These kinds of materials are passed along to Tennessee families and children at Imagination Library events across the state.
Altrusa International Inc. was founded in 1917 as a group of civic-minded people who are interested in creating better communities. Altrusa originally decided to institute literacy as an area of focus for the organization and since then, has expanded their service area.
Thank you to Altrusa for helping us build a foundation for reading and learning through books for Tennessee’s children. We cannot wait to share this gift with Tennessee children and our affiliate Imagination Library programs.
The women in the photo above are (from left to right):

  • Judy Trimble, Altrusa International Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Inc. and Roane County Imagination Library Volunteer.  Judy is from Kingston, TN.
  • Leanne Milligan, Altrusa International President Elect.  Leanne is from Te Awamutu, New Zealand.
  • Theresa Carl, Governor’s Books from Birth President
  • Raikes Anne McCrary, Altrusa international Nashville, Tennessee.  Raikes Anne is from Nashville, TN
  • Kathy Schrein, Altrusa International Service Development Committee Chair.  Kathy is from Dayton, OH.
  • Stand-Up Dolly
  • Silvia Silverman, Altrusa International President. Silvia is from Silver Springs, MD