Celebrate Tennessee’s Early Literacy Month: September 2019!

TN’s Early Literacy Month

Celebrating efforts to strengthen early literacy in Tennessee

We are excited to celebrate the first annual Tennessee’s Early Literacy Month! Join us in September as we highlight the early literacy efforts in Tennessee and spread the word about the benefits of early literacy on children and on our communities. A child’s brain grows to 80% of its full size by age 3, and in the first few years of life, reading with your child is one of the most important serve and return activities to help their brain develop connections. Reading as little as 20 minutes a day with your children can increase their vocabulary skills and put them on a path to early literacy.


Governor’s Books from Birth Foundation (GBBF) strengthens early literacy efforts for children by acting as a thought leader, peer advisor and catalyst for programs across the state. Programs like Tennessee’s Imagination Library, Storybook Trails, Mobile Book Buses and the Birthing Hospital Initiative emphasize the benefits of early literacy. You can help us spread the word about the importance of early literacy through the month of September by:

1) Share one of our #TNEarlyLiteracyMonth posts on your personal, business or organizational social media accounts.

Choose any of our posts to share each week in September. Be sure to tag Governor’s Books from Birth and use the hashtag #TNEarlyLiteracyMonth.

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2) Log the number of minutes you read with your children during TN’s Early Literacy Month.

We know that reading with your children for at least 20 minutes a day can increase your child’s vocabulary, increase your bond with your child and lead to early literacy and success in school. You can log your minutes using this link http://bit.ly/gbbfreadingpoll2019 or participate in the poll pinned to the top of our Facebook page. We hope everyone will participate so we can share the total number of minutes read all across the state during TN’s Early Literacy Month!

Click here for sample social media posts to encourage logging reading minutes.

3) Participate in the #GotCaughtReading social media challenge.

Post a picture or video of your little ones or yourself reading. Tag Governor’s Books from Birth and use the hashtag #GotCaughtReading. More details about the #GotCaughtReading challenge are listed below.

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Get Ready. Get Set.
Get Caught Reading.

In celebration of Tennessee’s Early Literacy Month, we are launching our 4th annual statewide #GotCaughtReading social media challenge. We will launch the #GotCaughtReading challenge on Monday, Sept. 16 with a post on our social media outlets.

Through the #GotCaughtReading challenge, GBBF encourages all Tennesseans to post on social media, raising awareness of early literacy and the joy of reading with children. Keep reading for more information on what GBBF has planned, and how you can participate!

Post your #GotCaughtReading picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to tag us and use the hashtags #GotCaughtReading and #TNEarlyLiteracyMonth.

The picture can be of your child(ren) reading an Imagination Library book, you with your child(ren) reading, or even a fun picture of you and your co-workers reading an Imagination Library book. Videos are welcome, too! During the week, in addition to sharing these photos and videos on GBBF’s social media outlets, we will also select three #GCR posts to win some Imagination Library goodies!

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Name GBBF’s Reading Owl

Leading up to Tennessee’s Early Literacy Month, we need your help in naming our Owl. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to help us name our reading owl featured on our Governor’s Books from Birth bookmark. Be sure to post a picture during TN’s Early Literacy Month for your chance to win one of the Reading Owl bookmarks (and some other Imagination Library goodies).