Community Initiative to Engage Families: Proven Benefits & Resources

New Bedford Reads was a literacy initiative in Massachusetts designed to promote the importance of early literacy and grow a community of lifelong readers throughout the city. Spearheaded by New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell, the program raised awareness about the importance of reading aloud to children from birth; provided families with increased access to books; encouraged kids to choose books they want to read; and empowered the community with tools to promote early literacy. Learn more about the initiative:

One key pillar of this initiative was to engage families around reading by providing resources and tools to use in the home. Children’s academic success is built on the strength of their relationships with the adults in their lives: at home, at school and in their communities.

Proven Benefits of Increased Family Engagement:

  • Raises student grades and test scores.
  • Increases graduation rates.
  • Lowers chronic absenteeism.
  • Supports social-emotional skill development

Click here for the full New Bedford Reads Family Resource Report.

Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation brings together communities, organizations, city and county governments, donors and volunteers to strengthen early literacy in Tennessee. Caregiver Engagement is one of our key programs that provides resources for caregivers to help children develop early literacy skills through reading and learning together.

To invest in our efforts to strengthen early literacy and build lifelong learners in Tennessee