K-3 Family Reading Time at Home Guides

Reading time together at home is a special time. Whether you receive books from school, check out books from the local library, or choose one from books you already have at home, you may be looking for tips to help make reading time at home even more enjoyable. As part of the at-home reading resources, the following one-page help sheets provide suggestions to do and activities to use with books to make reading time together at home more fun. The help sheets give families suggested things to talk about as they read the book together. These include talking about new ideas presented in the book as well as key questions to ask related to what was read in the book. With these suggestions, families and children will enjoy making predictions, sharing about personal experiences related to the story, learning the meaning of new vocabulary words, and so much more. The help sheets also include fun things to do after reading the book together. These can include drawing, making maps, acting out the story, and getting to know fun facts about family members that all relate to the book read together. Below is a link to these resources, provided by the Tennessee Department of Education for their At-Home Reading Series, to support home learning during this time.

Click here to download the guides, tips and activities.